Long Road Website Development can help your business achieve spectacular results from your website. Not only can we can build and host your website; we can update it for you and provide other ongoing search engine optimisation, social networking or strategies to help bring more people to your website and to your business. Paul Andrews provides the kind of service and support that business finds invaluable – at a fair and reasonable cost.

Each business website arrangement is custom negotiated in order to provide the best outcome for your business. Paul will listen to your needs and suggest a range of options available to you and then provide a custom designed website strategy for your site, your business needs and budget. From simple profile sites that infrequently need updating; through to sites that display regular news or product information and catalogs, photographs, video and other media; to sites that connect with social media like facebook or twitter – Long Road can help you.

The Joomla CMS allows websites to perform some amazing tasks which can put your business at the cutting edge of website strategies. From automatically performing tasks to managed updates, a Joomla website is an incredible tool for your business. Allow Paul Andrews to show you how your business can benefit from these tools and take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

The problem for many small businesses is that they are not large enough to employ a specialist who can do much of this work and are too busy to do it themselves. They then either don’t use the internet as a business tool at all or they give the responsibility to an existing staff member who does not have the full skills or understanding required to perform the task efficiently – or is too busy with other tasks already. Contracting out these tasks makes perfect sense and is the perfect way to achieve your goals and at a set budget.

When you contract Long Road Website Development, we can either perform these ongoing tasks for you – or train your staff to perform them with our without our support. Whatever the solution, we can give you the honest advice, reliable service and outstanding value your business demands.

We can provide a full range of Joomla Business add-ons including:

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters & Auto Responder Campaigns
  • Multimedia
  • Networking
  • Document Management
  • Online Shopping Carts
  • Live Website Help System
  • Maps
  • Contacts
  • And much more

Whether you need a simple web presence, through to ecommerce, interactive and content driven site, we can develop a site to suit your needs. From small business and sole traders, through to large organisations with multiple users and content needs, our website design tools are perfect for your business.

Our business service does not stop with the design and hosting phase. We can manage your website updates, users, newsletters, social webs and more. But if you’d like to manage your site yourself, Paul can visit you and train you in running your site.

We develop every website from scratch and build a customised solution for your business complete with search engine friendly site building techniques.

Contact Paul now to discuss your business’ needs.